Makeup artist works behind the scenes of a photo shoot.
Kaleigh A. Cleveland
Owner - 716 Beauty

My Story

Beauty has been in my life as long as I can remember.

A family friend who babysat me as a child sold Avon. She would let me earn products by doing chores around her house. I loved looking through the catalog and seeing what makeup they put on the models, and I would eventually buy myself little makeup items occasionally.

I grew up with a hardworking single mom; we didn’t have a lot extra, but she let me treat myself with my paper route money. My grandma even got me one of those Bratz hair styling heads for Christmas one year. In middle school, I got a book all about all things makeup by Bobbi Brown at a school function. It made me want to put makeup on other people, so I would buy drugstore makeup sets with many colors and do my friends’ makeup.

10+ years, several certifications, an NYS Cosmetology license and over a hundred weddings later, I’m so thankful to be able to offer my clients a well-rounded, professional experience, and make them feel like the most beautiful version of themselves.